Importance of SEO for Your Online Success

June 16, 2017
importance of SEO

So, now you might know about SEO. But did you ever think why SEO is important? Importance of SEO depends on who are you and what you do in today’s markets. Here, markets mean online market. It’s known to us that nearly every market has gone online. Because Internet makes our life easier and makes us smarter.

Are you smart?

To be smart in today’s world, you should have to make an online presence. Keep in mind that success of your business operation depends on your online presence. If you’re smart enough, you might have a website or blog already. That means you’ve already made your online presence. There are a lot of competitors. To compete with them and beat them, SEO is your main weapon.

Importance of SEO

Driving Traffic: If we want to know about something, we usually go to search engines to search about that. Most user’s, approx. 90% users like to click only the results shown in the first page of every search engine. So, to rank high in any search engine, to show your website on the first page of search engine for specific keywords, SEO is a must thing to do. Proper SEO will rank your site on the first page of search engine. So that, you will get lots of traffic. Getting more traffic means getting more sales.

UX or User Experience: Proper SEO practices enhance the user experience and relevance of a website. Any user having good experience with your site, might suggest to others about your site. In this way, you can promote your site.

Site fidelity: Users have faith in search engines. So when they search on search engines and get your site in the top position for the keywords the user is searching, it increases your website’s fidelity.

There are a plenty of importance to do SEO. Let’s have an example. Suppose, four friends have their own website. And they are selling the same thing on their site. But who will get more sales? Well, one of them will get more sales, who have done proper SEO for his website. Perfectly Search engine optimized website put one of them ahead of the competition.

So it is extremely important to do SEO for your website. It’s upon to you how would you do it. Be an SEO expert or hire one.

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